About Us

Skinpeccable has set the new standard in skincare through nature and science lead innovations in the cosmetic field. Our premier medical Spa offers the most advanced Laser Hair Removal, laser Rejuvenation, Skin Care and Anti-Aging Procedures available. Our state-of-the art cosmetic technology allows us to deliver impeccable results that our clients look to achieve at price that will have you smiling.

Dr. Raphael Darvish, head physician and community philanthropist, and his elite team of experts, have dedicated themselves to ensuring clients with the safest and most comfortable experience each and every visit. Our luxurious retreat, located in downtown Brentwood, allows clients to feel relaxed and at ease, before, during and after treatment.

Whether it’s skin rejuvenation, laser hair and vain removal to physician administered injections, Skinpeccable has everything you need to make you look and feel simply Skin-peccable.

– be impeccable