Acne is a condition that generally affects most individuals at some time during their lives. For some, the acne condition may lead to pigmented or disfiguring scarring. Our body attempts to get rid of the acne with an inflammatory response. As our white blood cells attack the acne causing bacteria, they also attack the surrounding tissue, destroying collagen, elastin and healthy skin cells, leading to permanent texture changes in the skin. Scars may range from a change in the skins pigmentation, such as red or brown spots, to deep pits in the skin, also known as “ice pick” scars.

Dr. Darvish and his medical team can reduce or eliminate these acne scars, using a variety of treatments. Some options include chemical peels, fractionated laser treatments, non-invasive laser therapies, and cosmetic fillers. These treatments can dramatically improve the appearance of acne scars.

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