Crystal Fiber Mask

The application of chemical exfoliants and the process of laser treatments enable the renovation of the dermis and epidermis, significantly improving the look and texture of the skin. However, post treatment, the levels of moisture and protection of the skin are reduced. The skin loses its defense mechanisms and is exposed to external aggression.

Crystal Fiber Mask has been specifically developed as a complementary therapy after a chemical peel or non-ablative laser treatment. The mask, rich in high concentrated moisturizing and nourishing active principals, helps to re-establish the hydrolipidic film of the skin, reducing redness and inflammation and optimizes the results of the chemical or laser treatment by increasing microcirculation and boosting the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissues.

Crystal Fiber Mask can be immediately applied post treatment, or as needed in the days following a chemical or laser treatment. Additionally, the mask is also very beneficial after prolonged sun exposure which may have caused dryness or burning of the skin.

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