It is estimated that nearly 90% of women have stretch marks. Stretch marks occur normally and are a form of scarring caused by the rapid stretching of skin due to weight gain, hormonal changes, puberty or pregnancy. The rapid stretching of skin causes small tears in the skin and a reduction of the collagen and elastin fibers resulting in scars.

Skinpeccable can reduce or eliminate unsightly stretch marks with our fractionated laser treatment, the only laser treatment FDA approved to treat stretch marks.

For a consultation on how to eliminate your stretch marks or any other cosmetic issue you may be having, please click here or call us at (310)979-SKIN (7546). At your cosmetic consultation, our Laser Nurse Kathy will address your concerns and suggest the most appropriate procedure. Dr. Darvish personally oversees all treatments and can be contacted via email or telephone for any pre or post procedure questions you may have.

Prices start at only $299/treatment and generally a series of 5 treatments are performed at intervals of 1 treatment every 4 weeks.

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