If you struggle with acne scars from your younger years, you may be considering acne scar removal. But like any procedure that you wish to have done, you need to understand it fully before you make a decision. There are many different methods for acne scar removal.

Typical acne scar removal techniques involve laser treatments, and it can remove 60-80% of scarring when successful. The procedure is short and takes minimal home care to maintain during recovery time. In addition, you can resume normal daily activities almost immediately. Using the Erbium laser, the scarred area is penetrated, removing the area of skin that is affected. A CO2 laser can also be used, which removes one layer of skin at a time. Often, there is a light stinging sensation during the procedure, and a little redness or swelling afterwards. Your doctor will prescribe a topical cream to aid in healing, and you may wish to apply ice packs to reduce swelling immediately following the procedure. Your skin will heal over the course of six weeks or so, leaving behind a fresh new face with minimal scarring remaining.

Because acne scar removal is such a precise procedure, you stand to benefit greatly from it. Instead of a very invasive procedure that might leave you recovering for weeks, acne scar removal offers great benefits with little trouble. This can help you improve your physical appearance greatly with minimal risk to you or your health.