A skin rash is a minor irritation of the skin, usually caused by an allergy or infection of some kind.

What are the symptoms of a skin rash?

A skin rash can manifest itself in a number of ways, depending on the cause. This can include red splotches, itchiness, and small bumps on the skin (hives).

What causes a skin rash?

The most common cause of a skin rash is contact dermatitis, which means your skin has come into contact with a substance that it is allergic to, such as latex or poison oak. However, a skin rash can also be linked to a fungus or bacterial infection.

How do you treat a skin rash?

If you are simply having an allergic reaction, an oral antihistamine can take care of it. You may also wish to apply an anti-itch cream or ointment to the affected areas until the symptoms subside. If these do not work, you may have a fungus or infection. In the case of a fungus, you may be prescribed an anti-fungal cream, and an infection may be cause for an antibiotic prescription.

How do you prevent a skin rash?

Keeping your skin clean and moisturizing regularly can prevent most minor irritations and infections. It is also important to understand what triggers skin rashes on your body and avoid those triggers.