Often called the “mask of pregnancy”, melasma is a skin discoloration, often in brown or tan patches. These manifest themselves in women during their reproductive years.

What are the symptoms of melasma?

Melasma begins on the face in three different areas: the center of the face, the cheekbones, and the jawbone. The most common form of melasma starts on the center of the face. You will see brown patches of skin developing on your face, which can be quickly diagnosed by a doctor.

What causes melasma?

There is no exact cause for melasma that has been determined at this time. Due to the fact that it mainly affects women during their reproductive years, many feel that it has to do with the hormones that women deal with during this time, due to pregnancy, birth control pills, and other medications. It may also be attributed to family history.

How is melasma treated?

One of the most effective ways to deal with melasma is with a melasma laser treatment. Using a melasma laser in conjunction with topical creams and avoidance of the sun can be a very effective treatment. Skin resurfacing with a melasma laser can improve the appearance of your skin drastically.

Can melasma be prevented?

Unfortunately, without knowing the true cause of melasma, there is no known way to prevent it. However, if you do have a melasma laser treatment, you can keep melasma at bay by avoiding excessive sun exposure.